ITV News Reports-Faulty insulin pens recalled

Diabetes sufferers are being warned to check their insulin pens after the Medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency (Mhra) issued a recall of the pens.

The Mhra said some the insulin pens sold by manufacturer Owen Mumford have faulty dose selectors that are erroneously reverting to zero, and could cause an under-dose of insulin to be given.

Pens with the three-letter codes 7VJ, 7WB, 7WC, 7WD, 8CN, 8CP, 8CR, 8EL, 8EM, 8JK, 8JM, 8JN, 8JP, 8VV, or 8VW printed on their packaging or with the codes 7RT, 7PN, 7PP, 7RV, 8KK, or 8XD printed on the lower part of the pen body are reportedly affected by the fault.